This home based business is all about camaraderie, creativity and conversation. It is designed to give women the opportunity to get together to explore various crafts and their own creativity in a new way while sharing conversation and laughter.

This is a chance to be with friends or soon-to-be friends during an evening session, a Saturday escape or a scheduled series designed to inspire the creative spirit. This is for women who want to make something for themselves or for someone else that comes from the heart.

You don’t need to be creative, artistic or even able to draw a stick figure …. just an interest in tapping into that creative spirit that is in all of us.  If you feel anything less than inspired, bold, intuitive, powerful and creative then here is an opportunity to wake up your right brain in a fun and friendly atmosphere. I invite you to join me in a studio that is well equipped with supplies, equipment and personalized attention in a group setting.

This is about pampering the creative soul – like a day at the spa but with inks, paper and clay instead of massages and soaks. I look forward to having you join in the fun and share in the conversation.


Studio Space

You will have a great home based studio to work in, with supplies and ideas for  all different types of crafts – including: art blocks, custom made journals, paper mache, polymer clay, paverpol figures, decorations, gifts, cards,  calendars, photo projects, home decor … the list is as endless as your  imagination!